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Pinned topic WSTE - Simplifying Migrations with the WAS Migration Toolkit

‏2011-01-31T17:08:07Z |
WebSphere Technical Exchange - Simplifying Migrations with the WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit

The WebSphere® Application Server Migration Toolkit helps application developers move their applications from older versions of WAS to WAS V7. It can also migrate applications running on a non-IBM® application server to WAS. The tool scans application code, flags and fixes potential migration problems. This presentation provides education on the toolkit and its usage.

Presented by:
Mohammad Al-Bedaiwi

Date & time:
09 Feb 2011 at 11:00 EST (24-hour time, GMT−05:00)

Web conference URL:
Meeting ID: 3135027

Teleconference details
Participant passcode: 0316
US toll-free number: 1-866-803-2143

International number: 210-795-1098
Australia 1-800-204-161
Belgium 0800-4-8574
Brazil 0800-8911992
China 10800-712-1320
Denmark 8088-5604
France 080-510-0831
Germany 0800-000-1654
India 000-800-852-1231
Italy 800-987-450
Japan 00531-12-1857
Mexico 001-866-888-0267
Netherlands 0800-020-0428
Norway 800-18396
Portugal 8008-60221
Singapore 800-120-4272
South Africa 080-09-98819
Spain 800-098-445
Sweden 0200-890-123
Switzerland 0800-001-296
United Kingdom 0800-279-3953

WebSphere Technical Exchange Link:
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    Re: WSTE - Simplifying Migrations with the WAS Migration Toolkit

    The recorded presentation of this session is now available online.
    You can download the PDF slides and MP3 file from the following link: