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Pinned topic FTE Client for 7.0.3 version

‏2011-01-26T10:50:03Z |
I downloaded trial ver. 7.0.3, ( but can't find Client distrib in that archive.
So can I use Client ver. 7.0.2 with Server ver.7.0.3?

Or maybe distrib of Clent ver 7.0.3 exists anywhere?
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    Re: FTE Client for 7.0.3 version

    Hi there,

    'Server' and 'Client' are slightly misleading terms with FTE. Both versions have the ability to make an FTE Agent. The 'Client' installation has slightly fewer capabilities than the 'Server' one (can't create an agent that will make a bindings connect to MQ, can't be used to create a ProtocolBridge agent), but other than that they are the same.

    Basically, if you have 'Server' available, that can do everything that 'Client' can do and more, so just use the 'Server' for everything.
    You will probably find that the Trial version of FTE will not inter operate with non-trial versions, so don't try using a 7.0.2 client with it.