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Pinned topic IBM DS5300 not supported ACTIVE/ACTIVE mode

‏2011-01-26T10:42:15Z |
Hello, I just surprised that DS5300 is not supported ACTIVE/ACTIVE mode.
I can use only one controller (preferred path) for Logical Drive.

So Linux booting is full of "I/O error on device "
Linux shutdown full of "Synchronizing SCSI cache for disk"
Some body can think that server in trouble :((

I use multipath and only in some cases switching from a failed path possible
For example:
I have two fc HBA in server. If connected to active path HBA dies
Second hba is useless

IBM support from Moscow told me that it's normal because in this case
other nodes of cluster must be survived.
I do not think that it normal.
I'll be glad to get solution from global support.