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Pinned topic IS upgrade and migration advice - IS 4.0.5 on Win2000 to 4.1.1 on Win2003

‏2011-01-25T16:21:29Z |
We need to upgrade from IS 4.0.5 to IS 4.1.1, however, to do so, we need to go from current Win 2000 OS to a Win 2003 OS. If we migrate onto new server which has Win 2003, how can we keep the same docIDs? Won't FileNet app see this new install on a new server as being a second IS system? Can I use the same SSN for the new server install and then copy the MKF db and cache as well as the Oracle db?
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    Re: IS upgrade and migration advice - IS 4.0.5 on Win2000 to 4.1.1 on Win2003

    ‏2011-02-09T17:53:33Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    Hey Bill, the short answer is yes :)

    You can go ahead and create a new IS system on a new box with it own IP address and server name. Then when you want to move the production you can export the MKF databases and import them to the new system. Stop you current production system and edit your new IS system to give it the old SSN number, IP address and server name (just make sure both systems are not on at the same time). The copy over the latest CDB file to the new server and run "fn_migrate 4" for it to take affect.

    As for the oracle database I take it you must also be upgrading Oracle to 10g ... if this is the case then your DBA should be able to simply export the current database to your new one and run a script that comes with IS to upgrade the data. If you are not upgrading the DB then you can just point the old system to the new one and it should work fine.

    • if you have Capture on your system you will need to copy the config files from the server to a local copy on a Capture machine. (details in the Capture admin guide)
      • If you do need to migrate your Oracle it would be best if you were to reset all the passwords on the new instance of the Oracle DB to filenet so the installer can do all the work.
        • This is just a rough guideline. There are a few diffrent commands that will also need to be done to make this work but most of them are outlined in the IS migration document.
    Roy McDonnell
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      Re: IS upgrade and migration advice - IS 4.0.5 on Win2000 to 4.1.1 on Win2003

      ‏2012-06-19T23:09:50Z  in response to roymcd
      Hello Roy,

      We are looking to migrate from IS 4.0.x and SQL Server 2000 to IS 4.2 and SQL server 2008 on a separately new windows hardware. Does anyone have any procedures to make this happen? We want to keep the existing IS system up and running while we build out the new system and then just point the users over to the new system.

      Therefore we won't be doing an inbox upgrade. We will be copying over the MSAR surfaces to the new system as well.

      Please advise.