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Pinned topic Publish method is creating an excel more than 700mb size

‏2011-01-25T10:54:27Z |
Hi All,

I am stuck in very surprising problem. I am using vb6.0 to use cognos Impromptu 7.3.

I create a object of Impromptu in vb. And I use "Set objEXCELPub1 = objImpRep.PublishExcel" method for exporting the data in Excel.

Now the problem is, when I have 50 records, it creates 145kb excel file successfully. But when records are 100, then it creates 761mb excel file. I am not able to open that excel file as it shows as corrupted file.

There is no problemin Data as I am able to export 50-50 records seperately.

Please help. Thanks a lot in advance.

Using versons:
window : XP
Office : XP
Impromptu - 7.3

can mail me at