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Pinned topic [JMS Client] : Cannot connect to JNDI

‏2011-01-25T09:33:55Z |

I have created a simple JMS client, that consumes messages sent to a topic by a JMS producer.

The PROVIDER_URL is based on a corba bus, that looks like "corbaloc:iiop:THE_URL:PORT"

At the end, my client is gonna be running on a Webshpere server, but for the moment, I'm testing it on standalone mode, on my Eclipse environment.

When launching my client, I got the following error :

CWSJX0004E: The installed client component jndi requires that the client component orb be installed when used with a Java Runtime Environment from Sun Microsystems Inc..

I'm not familiar with Corba environment. Can someone explain me what happens, and how I can solve this problem ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Best regards,

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    Re: [JMS Client] : Cannot connect to JNDI


    I found on someposts that I needed to use the sibc.orb.jar in my project classpath.

    I have added this lib and now got enother error :

    JNDI API lookup failed: javax.naming.ConfigurationException: Unsupported URL scheme: "corbaloc

    The provider_url field is : "corbaloc:iiop:THE_URL:PORT"

    Any ideas ?