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Pinned topic SoDA always prompts for Save when Generating Document/Report

‏2011-01-24T22:15:55Z |
I am running SoDA 7.0.3 and I am having problems with SoDA always displaying a prompt stating "Current document will be saved before generation starts" when I try to generate a document from a template. This is occuring even if I Save the file immediately before attempting to generate. This has become a problem for me because I have written a VB Macro that opens several different SoDA templates and runs the mGenerateBatch macro on each one of the templates followed by the mRemoveComments and mRemoveHiddenText for each of the generated documents. The generation of the documents is a very time consuming process and I would like it to be run without user interaction on an overnight basis. Everything else is working the way I would expect it to, but I can't see any logical reason that SoDA would prompt for saving when the template is unchanged. The reason I had to break it up into several documents in the first place was because a single document was too large to open efficiently. Has anyone else run into this problem or know of a way to get around this?