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Pinned topic is a URI always accessible no matter what!

‏2011-01-24T14:49:13Z |
I have a basic question on the definition of semantic web that is available on
It says.."The Semantic Web is the extension of the World Wide Web that enables people to share content beyond the boundaries of applications and websites."

Literally speaking, when they say beyond the boundaries of applications and websites, what does that mean? how about when the website is down!?

If the ontology is available via the URI that is also a URL for some website, it will be unavailable when the server is down, correct!? e.g., can this be always accessible

Are there any logical mappings for these URIs on default that will always ensure to find the information in spite of any physical failures?

I guess, I am trying to understand how semantic web is considered more powerful, specifically with respect to physical accessibility of information?

I would appreciate some thoughts on this!
Thanks much!