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Pinned topic doesn't Lx86 support 64bit applications?

‏2011-01-24T11:24:34Z |
I have installed a RHEL5.4 on p570, and the installed Lx86, but seems it is a 32bit environment.
And I saw "PowerVM™ Lx86 supports the installation and running of most 32-bit x86 Linux® applications on any System p™ model with POWER5™, or POWER6™ technology, or IBM BladeCenter® JS20, JS21, or JS22 servers.", does this mean Lx86 not support 64-bit applications now?
If yes, how to setup an 64bit Lx86 environment?
I have an application which has lots of 64-bit packages want to be installed on Lx86.

BTW. how to install a 64bit RHEL5.4? there is only on RHEL5.4 iso for ppc, and it is installed to be a 32bit OS by default. I found there are 64bit rpm packages, but there is no option to choose a 64bit OS during the installation.
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    Re: doesn't Lx86 support 64bit applications?

    Lx86 currently only supports 32-bit x86 applications.

    RedHat only provides a 64 bit install for Power, but some of the tools are still 32-bit. Running uname -a should include the text 'ppc64' which would indicate a 64 bit kernel.