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Pinned topic Using PF5 in CEDF, scrolling keys don't work

‏2011-01-24T00:11:41Z |

Am TXSeries, running a program thru CEDF, just did EXEC CICS RECEIVE MAP, got NORMAL, used PF5 to view working storage but PF7,8,10,11 did nothing .. working in isolation have to ask:-(.

Also whatever I put something in the ADDRESS: field I get 'Invalid address ignored: address outside allowed range' .. even if I put in address that's on screen like 000000A0 :-(.

Have I missed something simple? I looked in the compile outputs but nothing that points to a displacement of any field but if the scrolling keys don't work, not much use in knowing the field's displacement?

Picture attached!
Please, thanks,

From googling I got:
Displays the current working storage section of a COBOL user program. The information that corresponds to this section is shown in both hexadecimal and character representations, similar to a dump listing. You cannot view your own main storage area (acquired by the use of the EXEC CICS GETMAIN command), but you can view the COMMAREA storage.
.. I don't use GETMAIN.