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Pinned topic upgrade db2 8.2 to bd2 9.7.2 express version

‏2011-01-22T11:18:35Z |
Currently we use db2 8.2 version now we hv plan to update it to db2 9.7.2 express verion asfter installation when restore database image in db2 9.7.2 expess-c version following error was shown the data base was restore but the restore databse was not upgraded to current release error "-1224"
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    Re: upgrade db2 8.2 to bd2 9.7.2 express version

    Check the db2diag.log for messages that might point you to the root cause of the database not being upgraded. I don't know know off hand why this would not work for you. You may also want to check out the DB2 Express forum ( ) to see if there are any answers there.