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Pinned topic Webservice UsernameToken Issues with 6.1 + Webservice FeaturePack

‏2011-01-21T17:02:57Z |

maybe it's a simple thing but i need help with it... I'm trying to connect with a JAX-RPC generated WS-Client-Proxy(with .JSP Sample Files) to my also JAX-RPC out of an EJB Bottom-up generated Webservice.
I tested the service with SoapUI and the following HeaderInformation and it works fine!

<wsse:Security xmlns:wsse="">
<wsse:Password Type="wsse:PasswordText" xmlns:wsse="">pwd</wsse:Password>


webservices.xml -> Sec. Extentions -> Request Receiver Service Configuration Deta. -> login Config ->
Add -> BasicAuth

Binding Cfg: Login Mapping -> Add:
  • Auth. Method: BasicAuth
  • ConfigName: WSLogin
--> OK

So for the generated client i did the following:
1.) open "web.xml -Deploymentdesctiptor"
2.) under -> "Request Generator Conf." -> "Security Token" -> "Add" --> i added:
Name: UToken
Token type: Username Token

//and got filled out the:
Local part:

3.) -> OK
4.) Open "WS Binding"Tab -> "Security Request Generator Binding Configuration" -> "Token Generator" -> "Add" i added:

Token Gen. Name: test
Security token: UToken
Use value type -> Check!
Value Type: UsernameToken
Local Part:

UserId: user
Passwd: pwd

5.) ->OK

PROBLEM(Part1): Thats what i did... but if i try to do a request over my client i get:
The Application Server expected a Security header with the or or
namespace, but it was not found.

So i searched the web and got some information:
  • Now I know that "" is an old UsernameToken Profile.
  • The Error is described by IBM in: but the solution is, that i should install webservice feature pack. But my Application Server is running on WS feature pack already! (i also tried a new installation of server with profile.. nothing happened)

PROBLEM(Part2): My Server only accepts old UsernametokenProfile but my client isnt configurable with that...
So how can i help the server to want ???