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‏2011-01-19T16:13:57Z |
Hi experts,

I have deployed an EAR application which installed an application that communicates with a SAP backend.
It uses the SAP adapter as standalone, and apparently is trying to connect to the SAP system through an existing JNDI connection that does not exist on my application server.

When I create the connection with the same JNDI name it works.

My question is where is this JNDI name configured for this application and where can I change it ?

I get the following error :
javax.resource.ResourceException: Context: ABCNode01Cell/nodes/ABCNode01/servers/server1, name: sap/DEF: First component in name DEF not found.>

To be more precise, I have installed the resource adapter IBM WebSphere Adapter for SAP Software as standalone and then created a new connection under J2C connection factories.

When I use a specific JNDI name it works (JNDI name I guess which was configured during the creation of the EAR file?) but when I change it it does not work anymore

Thanks a lot.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Relation between JNDI Name and deployed application


    for outbound SAP Adapter connections (using connection factories), an SCA module has a generated resource reference which is mapped to the JNDI name specified at development time in WID during deployment by default. However, you can during deployment or at runtime go to Applications > Applications Types > WebSphere Enterprise Applications > <YOURAPP> > Resource Rerferences and map to any other JNDI name in your current Runtime Environment.