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Pinned topic Load error : file 'sqlgmf'

‏2011-01-18T05:55:35Z |

I am trying to compile and execute a MF cobol. The Compilation goes fine. The Run command fails with
the following error.

Load error : file 'sqlgmf'
error code: 173, pc=7D, call=1, seg=0
173 Called program file not found in drive/directory

The sqlgmf file is missing . I don't have the libdb2gmf.a also on my linux. I am using DB2 9.7 and I am trying to compile a 32 bit
cobol. Can anyone please advice.
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    Re: Load error : file 'sqlgmf'

    See reply to duplicate thread.

    Ian Shields
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    Re: Load error : file 'sqlgmf'

    Hi Sajida,

    Did you ever resolve this.

    Just that we have a app on SUSE Linux with DB2 9.7 client pointing to DB2 Enterprise server 9.7 on Solaris and we cannot find libdb2gmf library on either box.

    We installed the Java SDK to no avail.

    Any clues would be good.