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Pinned topic Books about and/or around the Semantic Web Technologies

‏2011-01-17T16:21:50Z |
Just recently I did a re-run of the safari library for anything new about Semantic Web Technologies and here goes some of the most promissing titles. I will write more about them when I will read through (the list goes by date of publish so hopefully you will see the most recent titles at the top):

1) Mining the Social Web by Matthew A. Russel- The last Chapter (10) is titled: "The Semantic Web: A Cocktail Discussion" (rather short but interesting discusion) and also in other parts of the book you can read about microformats and advanced means of analyzing the data from Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter and so on) with the extensive use of what we can call an AI-inspired approach.

2) "Web Services Research and Practices" by Gannod, Timm and Brodie - Again Chapter 10th :) is a great introduction and illustration of how you can use a well known UML from OMG to architecture Model-driven Semantic Web Services.

3) Emerging Technologies for Semantic Work Environments: Techniques, Methods, and Applications by JörgBjörnEric RechDeckerRas - looks like a book is full of case studies and scenarios where the Semantic Web will or is making the fastest progress measured by the value added to the "traditional" aproach.

I don't know if this forum is opperational but I will try to make the list longer during next couple of weeks since I'm updating my knowledge about semantic web technologies.
Enjoy reading those books and please add more as well.
Tomasz Kluza