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Pinned topic Drawing Work Flows with Activities, Artifacts and Workers

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For a presentation, I need to draw a workflow based on disciplines with list of activities and the outcome that is the artifacts or the worker responsible for the document in the respective discipline. Is there any drawing tool available for drawing the workflow which includes workers, activities and artifacts. I have been searching but couldn't come up with a tool.
I will give an example. Lets take a Business process Analyst who is the worker (In the drawing the worker is represented as an 'i'). He/She performs activities like Capture Common Business, Assess the Target organization and so on. The resulting outcome for which the Business Process Analyst is responsible for, are documents, which are artifacts like Business Glossary, Business Goals and so on, which corresponds to the activities. This is top level diagram for presentation based on the disciplines.
I would appreciate if someone has come across a drawing tool for drawing these workflow and any other help in drawing these diagrams is highly appreciated.
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    Re: Drawing Work Flows with Activities, Artifacts and Workers

    Google business process modeling and research Rational Software Architect, Visual Paradigm, and other tools. Hope this helps.