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Pinned topic Custom Portlet in WebSphere Portal 7 (JSR 286)

‏2011-01-12T18:29:18Z |
Does IBM WebSphere Portal 7 (that supposedly supports JSR 286) support custom portlet other than the ones that have been created by WebSphere Portal 7 itself?

For example, I'm trying to define my own custom-portlet-mode (see attachment) called "display" as a "Portal managed mode". In my "doView()" method, I grab the supported modes for the portlet and enumerate the entries. I was surprised to find out 2 things:

1) I only support: view, display
Yet the enumerated entries return everything that IBM Portal supports (including view) but not "display".

2) If I use the Portlet JSR 168 editor to create a custom portlet mode:
  • The editor will not add the custom portlet mode under "supports" child node of portlet.xml
  • But the editor will add "custom-portlet-mode" element

According to the tutorials out there, "supports" element should define the supported mode of this portlet, nothing more. If I chose to disabled edit, config, defaults, they should not show up when someone enumerate the "getSupportedPortletModes()" method.

Am I doing something wrong here?

I also tried to make the custom portlet mode as "Portlet managed mode" as well just to check if I can add custom portlet as "Portal managed mode"