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Pinned topic DB2 pre-existing instance, can't find valid port number when installing IS

‏2011-01-04T01:56:08Z |
DB2 9.7 fp2
IS 8.5
Firefox 3.5.8

I'm using the graphical installation for IS but can't get past the DB2 page.
I have a pre-existing instance: db2infos
There's plenty of space, for everything.
DB2COMM=tcpip, /etc/services has the port numbers listed, SVCENAME is set...
(I've set up DB2 a million times -- well nearly) so I'm pretty sure it's all set up correctly
DB2 is started (no database created yet)

I run "setup -verbose" and then log into the Firefox web page as instructed.
accept licenses, blah blah blah
all requirements pass the check
new install (metadata repository, services, engine... all on one tier -- this is a lab system)
select products (Information Analyzer, Business Glossary, Metadata Workbench, Info Services Director)
no clustering (again, this is a lab system)
install WebSphere App Server
pick directories and userID/passwords

and then I get to the "Database Management System Selections" page.

I select "Use an existing instance"
(1) I try the default of /opt/IBM/db2/V9.7, but I get "could not find any valid DB2 instance port number in the services file" even though in the ascii window it says it did find the db2infos instance by using db2ilist
(2) I try using /home/db2infos, but I get "could not find bind/db2ilist. Verify the file name or its specified location is correct"
(3) I try using db2infos (mostly because the instructions aren't clear - it says Create the database in an existing, previously defined DB2 instance on this computer - so is that asking for the instance name or what??), but I get "The directory for the existing DB2 instance db2infos does not exist or is empty" (NOT!!, it's there, I can log in and start DB2).

So what's happening?? I'm stuck. I've searched the web and can find nothing that relates to this.

Thanks for your help...