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The users want to change the date in a field that is a trigger. How do I get the Current Phase Execution Date to recalculate when the trigger value is changed? I tried changing the value manually in Records Manager on one record and running the sweep but it does not appear to process that type of change.

Thank you.
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    Re: Trigger field value change

    Answer received from IBM: - So basically, the trigger is used to determine the cutoff date. Once the cutoff date is set, disposition sweep will not pick up that entity and recalculate again. So it will only process entity that has cutoff date that's null. It is designed this way because of performance concerns where going through millions of records to recalculate over and over again is inappropriate when most of them don't change.

    To reset the cutoff date, you will have to do a clear schedule on the entity or it's parent. Then run disposition sweep on the container, which will set all the cutoff date to null. Then add the schedule back to the entity or it's parent, which will let sweep know what to calculate. Running disposition sweep again will recalculate the cutoff date base on the trigger at the time it runs.

    Alternatively, you can move an entity to a container that has no schedule associate with it. Then run disposition sweep on that container to clear the cutoff date of the entity. Once it's cleared, you can move it back to it's original location and run disposition sweep on it to recalculate the cutoff date.