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Dear all ,

I am a web based application developer. Currently , I am developing an application using Java servlet,HTML and oracle 10g. I developed an HTML form that accepts text data from users and I store it into the oracle database using java servlet code. It works fine for any English alphabet input but it doesn't work for my local language AMHARIC.

When I enter input using the local language Alphabet , The system store in to the database the numeric representation of the Unicode. I don't need it because when I retrieve the data the system displays the numeric representation of the Unicode as it is.

If you have any idea how can I solve it , Please let me know.

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    Re: Java Servlet localization

    Should use the post method to post form to servlet.
    And make sure that your oracle support your language.
    When you create db, maybe somewhere that can select the support language, for example, database namespace table etc.
    Or you can encrypt the message as base64 or other format, and retrieve it also decrypt the base64.
    Or you can use the utf-8 charset.

    hope this will helpful.