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‏2010-12-20T20:55:17Z |
I have created Excel template files where certain descriptive information is already populated in a given cell in the template, and I'd like to populate the blank cell next to that cell with the contents from an object attribute.
For example, in my template I have a cell "A1" already populated with the text "DATE", and in the next blank cell "A2", I'd like to export the attribute "DateOfSubmission". This is a simple example to demonstrate my problem. I actually have about 20 attributes that I'd like to export to Excel, but to specific cells for each attribute - and the cells jump around a bit, so it's not something I can do by simply incrementing rows/columns. I played around with the Enhanced Export to Excel script from Galactic Solutions, and I'm thinking there may be something I have to do with the EXCEL_FIRST_CELL_IDENTIFIER that points to cell "A1" by default. I created several additional string variables to allow for each attribute I'm exporting and I've identified the cells I want populated, but I can't seem to locate where in the script I would loop through and use each one:

// Used in doExcelExportSheetTab()
const string EXCEL_2ND_CELL_IDENTIFIER = "U6"
const string EXCEL_3RD_CELL_IDENTIFIER = "A11"
const string EXCEL_4TH_CELL_IDENTIFIER = "S9"
const string EXCEL_5TH_CELL_IDENTIFIER = "S12"
const string EXCEL_6TH_CELL_IDENTIFIER = "U7"
const string EXCEL_7TH_CELL_IDENTIFIER = "N15"
const string EXCEL_8TH_CELL_IDENTIFIER = "S15"
const string EXCEL_9TH_CELL_IDENTIFIER = "A18"
const string EXCEL_10TH_CELL_IDENTIFIER = "A20"
const string EXCEL_11TH_CELL_IDENTIFIER = "A23"
const string EXCEL_12TH_CELL_IDENTIFIER = "R24"
const string EXCEL_13TH_CELL_IDENTIFIER = "A26"
const string EXCEL_14TH_CELL_IDENTIFIER = "J26"
const string EXCEL_15TH_CELL_IDENTIFIER = "A28"
const string EXCEL_16TH_CELL_IDENTIFIER = "L28"
const string EXCEL_17TH_CELL_IDENTIFIER = "A30"
const string EXCEL_18TH_CELL_IDENTIFIER = "J30"
const string EXCEL_19TH_CELL_IDENTIFIER = "A33"
const string EXCEL_20TH_CELL_IDENTIFIER = "A35"
const string EXCEL_21ST_CELL_IDENTIFIER = "A37"
const string EXCEL_22ND_CELL_IDENTIFIER = "A39"

Basically, all that is displayed in the export view are the attributes that I want to use to populate the above, so when I choose to export, the script doesn't have to do any fancy parsin. Just take each attribute displayed and put the contents in the identified cells. Sounds simple, but I know it isn't. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
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    Re: Export Certain Attributes to Excel, Naming Specific Cells

    Anyone? Bueller?
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    Re: Export Certain Attributes to Excel, Naming Specific Cells

    Anyone? Bueller?

    Found this old, unanswered post of mine. I have since written the scripts I need in order to populate an Excel template with only the desired attribute values. Thanks,