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‏2010-12-17T22:23:52Z |

The IBM Content Manager Technology Preview for OASIS CMIS has been updated to version, available for download December 17, 2010 1:00pm PST.

The download file name is still named "003", but when you unzip, check the version.txt file for version (not 1.0.003 or, build.number=cm8cmis100.029, and build.timestamp=20101216-1746.

The build fixes multiple user scenarios and connection endurance, previously stated as a limitation in the 003.2 announcement. Multiple users, multiple concurrent users, password validation interval to synchronize with server, and connection endurance over time should work great. Also includes all improvements & fixes in 003.2 (see the 003.2 announcement).

The known issues list and limitations still list Query & PWC as not supported, however you will find that much of it will work. However, the specifics for which aspects work or do not work are not yet ready and therefore are officially unsupported as a feature according to the known issues document. But nothing prevents you from previewing these features.

Additionally, the tech preview works best with "resource" classified item types, which are optimized for normal documents with a single binary. This is the recommended best practice for item type classification. For the best preview of functionality, you should start with "resource" for now if possible. The compound document classification supporting multiple binaries, "document", will be supported and is available for preview now, but has a number of known issues not detailed here. See related documentation on the recommended best practices for item type classifications stated for IBM Content Manager Services for Lotus Quickr which will be the same for CMIS.
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