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Pinned topic Suggestion for New Functionality for File Wait

‏2010-12-17T11:51:31Z |
I have a small suggestion for new functionality, with the File Wait Operator. I have been using the operator within my flow, and via the normal variable replacement have been able to switch between, files on my client during the design stage, and files on the server during execution. However, one of my reasons for using this operator is to check the presence of a file on the server, before calling the bulk loading operator, to process the required file. Now the Bulk operator has a flag for selecting if file on server or client. It would be great if the file wait operator had a similar flag for server or client.

Thanks Tim.
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    Re: Suggestion for New Functionality for File Wait

    Hi Tim - thanks for the request - this is functionality that we are considering for a future release.

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