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‏2010-12-14T23:41:46Z |
Does anyone know if there is a new API/functionality introduced in 8.5 version to access IADB Tables? If so can you please provide me some brief information as to what it can do.
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    Re: API support in 8.5 version

    Yes, the 8.5 release includes new REST API (and CLI) functionality that supports a wide range of capability including retrieval of results from the repository. You can find documentation on the capabilities at:

    However, here are some of the basics:

    The feature provides an API to control the main functions of Information Analyzer without the UI console. It is available through either HTTP (from a web browser) or CLI.
    All API commands to request information from the server return XML documents and the API commands to create/modify resources on the server or to start tasks require an XML document as a parameter.

    Functions currently supported through the API include:
    -Creation/modification of IA projects
    -Registration of sources in the project
    -Creation of virtual columns and virtual tables
    -Creation/modification/deletion of rules/rulesets
    -Creation/modification of global variables
    -Run column analysis (base profile)
    -Retrieval of column analysis results (base profile)
    -Retrieval of frequency distributions
    -Execution of rules/rulesets
    -Retrieval of rules/rulesets execution history
    -Retrieval of rules/rulesets output tables

    The retrieval of both execution history and output results allows you to construct external scripts or processes that check the status/completion of execution and then work with the results, whether taking them as XML and crafting your own XSLT for custom reporting, or using the results with your own BI solution.

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    Re: API support in 8.5 version

    Hi Harald,
    Thank you very much for taking time to answer my question. This will help me alot.Thanks once again.