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‏2010-12-14T05:30:53Z |
Hi There,

I just wanted to say how much I love this tool. Coming from a software configuration management background I am always interested in auditing change and configurations.

At the moment I am automating VCE headless to run over our environments on a regular basis, comparing the results against the last run and producing a report showing the differences and email us the report if there are any. This will then give us visibility of changes being made and allow us to pick up any which we don't expect. Following the automation-example.xml I have been able to knock the majority of this up in 1 day!!

I also plan on using this to audit across our environments, are they the same as far as expected configuration goes - we'll find out.

I have also used this tool when i had to create/move a websphere environment from one server to another, using this tool i was able to compare my 'old' and 'new', tweak my scripts when i found differences then re-run and whoola - only acceptable differences noted.....

I see many future uses for this tool also; running the compare before/after deployments to check what changed was what was expected too. Auto-drawing of diagrams so i don't have to do manually, i may even incorporate this into my nightly audit so they are always up to date.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for a great tool and keep up the good work - also if we could get a provider for WebSphere Enterprise Services that would be awesome!!