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I want to run a simple hello world java ( program using a batch file. How can i run it and how to construct a batch file. kindly let me know
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    Re: run java program using bat file

    Invoking java class from bat file is simple.
    Do you have basic knowledge on DOS/Windows batch file ?
    In your batch file specify the following commands
    1. add jdk bin folder to your PATH
    2. javac <your javafile>
    3. java <your class file generated from step 2>

    save this file as *.bat and execute it. if you are using any specify libraries then add it in classpath
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    Re: run java program using bat file


    Batch file (.bat) is nothing but a text file with .bat extension and generally we store commands on it (like shell script in unix) and when we invoke it from command prompt , DOS execute those commands. so by putting "java classname" in batch file you can invoke your program but yes its good idea to set PATH and CLASSPATH inside batch file for convinience.


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