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‏2010-12-07T13:48:10Z |
hi all gurus,
I am using RAD 7.5 to Develope Web Application using JSF. I already created 3 pages and database. First one is login page, 2nd is CustomerDetails and 3rd is AccountDetails. I am stuck on 2nd page, where if I click on any particular account, should display the details of that particular account on AccountDetail page.
I put the code:
public String doRowAction1Action() {
int row = getRowAction1().getRowIndex();
String id = customer.getAccountCollection().get(row).getId();
System.out.println("Row action: " + row + " account " + id);
getSessionScope().put("accountID", id);
return "accountDetails";

But, when I click on any particular account on CustomerDetails.jsp page, nothing happens. I am not sure there is any code error or version problem. Anybody has any ideas to solve this problem, please!!!!