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Pinned topic Fatal error in Job log

‏2010-12-06T15:26:40Z |
IA Job is aborting with the error "Parallel job reports failure (code 721035)".
It doesn't give more information than this in the job log. I searched for the code 721035 but didn't see any information on this error code. Did anyone see this error before?

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    Re: Fatal error in Job log

    I haven't seen that specific error.
    One option to help diagnose the problem is to build a Log View in the IA client.

    The description of how to build a Log View can be found here:

    When creating a new Log View, give it a name that you will recognize (like IA_Logs).
    For parameters you will want the following:
    • Severity -- I generally just choose All so that I see everything
    • Categories -- Expand the IBM category and Select "IA"
    • Timestamp -- Choose "Interval" and then select a relevant time period like X hours or 1-2 days

    Save the Log View and then select View Logs. That should provide you with additional trace detail from the IA Handler (the agent that launches job processes) or the IA Server (where the jobs are running).

    If you aren't able to find anything additional through that, I would recommend talking with Support.