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Pinned topic qemu-kvm on libvirt access qemu-console ?

‏2010-12-03T08:41:15Z |
I'm using libvirtd assist me admin qemu-kvm virtualHost,
i wanna access qemu console ( in qemu-kvm --help, get info , using Ctrl+Alt+1 / 2 / 3 can switch to qemu-kvm console )

in shell startup qemu-kvm : can use parameter "--monitor vc" enable the qemu monitor
but in libvirtd , can't adds this "--montiro" parameter to the guestHost xml config.

I can't use virt-manager(virt-viewer) via ctrl+alt+1/2/3 switch to qemu-kvm console ( when i press the key , not happen nothing & nothing effected )

my environment:
CentOS 5.5
Ubuntu 10.04 / 10.10
openSuSE 11.3

ps: I wanna block migrate on qemu console (

thanks for all~