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Pinned topic 9228 Intellistation Z Pro running slow with XP Pro 32

‏2010-12-03T02:28:48Z |
We have this Z Pro in our office for the past two years and seems to be constantly a source of frustration.

When the system is left unattended for an extended time e.g. a few hours or overnight, it takes a long period to resume to "wake up" to the point that it is better to restart the box.
Symptoms include "My Computer" takes for ever to display local and network drives, programs not responding, etc

Running the IBM DSA routine lists "ServeRAID: Data scrubbing for controller number 1 controller type ServeRAID-7t is disabled"

Now if I enable data scrubbing will this destroy data on the drives?

The drives have 50% used and there is 3GB RAM.

Will enabling data scrubbing fix this problem? We had the main board replaced earlier this year, the service person didnt want to know about any other problem, not that I had much conficence in him.