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Pinned topic Controller cache not enabled or was internally disabled

‏2010-11-29T04:52:20Z |
i have a ds3400 and today morning i saw that all server restarted due to unknown reasons. after going through the logs i have seen the controller reset "controller in slot b". further i saw

"Premium feature enabled",
"Controller cache battery is fully charged",
"AEN posted for recently logged event"
"Drive marked removed",
"Piece taken out of service"
"Drive by-passed"

and then reconstruction started. I am not able to understand why and what is happening around?

further i saw

" Drive returned CHECK CONDITION" on slot 6 then
"Reconstruction started",
"Piece placed in service",
"Controller return status/function call for requested operation" "Controller cache not enabled or was internally disabled"
"Incomplete battery learn cycle"
"Drive by-passed"

we are facing continuous drive failures in november (5 disks) till now.

attached is the latest support data. IBM support at my place is unable to figure it out why it is happening?
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    Re: Controller cache not enabled or was internally disabled

    Hi there,

    You probably solved it by upgrading the firmware on controllers and disks right?

    Those errors are related with the controllers being restarted, i had a similar issue last weekend, with am old firmware on a DS4700 Storage.

    Francisco Batista
    SoftINSA, Lda
    ITS Department Portugal