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‏2010-11-28T10:19:34Z |
Hi everybody,

On an oracle DB server I have a batch job running every morning which starts aprox. 9-10 java processes and aprox. 400 java threads. After the JVMs are started, in few minutes whole available memory (fs cache+free) is consumed. I have checked few java processes and i see whole java heap is exhausted (-Xmx is 2048M) and then is starts to page out memory pages to paging space.There are 9 GB free memory (fs cache+free pages) out of 18 before the batch jobs start. Does anybody know how can i monitor the JVM and if there are any JVM parameters I can tune ?
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    Re: JVM heap problem

    Hi Ironman,

    Can you please specify your environment specifications like JDK version, OS etc.?

    As a starting point, my recommendation to you is to enable the verbose GC onyour batch java processes. This will allow you to trace the Java Heap footprint during the batch processing.

    Also, since it ran OutOfMemory, did you get any Heap Dump file generated? Analysing the Heap Dump (using Eclipse Memory Analyser for example) will definately help you determine what type of memory footprint problem(s)you are facing with your batch applications.