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We are migrating a number of applications from WebSphere 6.0/6.1 to WebSphere 7. At the same time we are migrating from Rational Application Developer 7 to RAD 7.5.

I'm confused by the number of different "migration tools"...

1) RAD Migration - When we import the RAD 7 projects into a 7.5 workspace, RAD prompts to migrate the project. The best I can tell, this particular "migration tool" is simply migrating RAD specific files that are needed by the workspace???

2) Java EE Migration - Then there is the Java EE Migration wizard. This "migration tool" appears to migrate the deployment descriptors and binding files from one JEE version to another. Best I can tell it does NOT do any type of source code analysis to determine source code compatibility with the target JEE spec level.

3) WebSphere Application Migration - Finally, I just recently became aware of the WebSphere Application Migration Tool. I have reviewed the supporting PowerPoint and PDF documents. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to exercise the tool in our environment due to our tightly controlled software installation processes and strict software acquisition process. Based upon my review of the documents it appears the Application Migration Tool focuses on migrating source code to be compatible with target WebSphere environment.

Can anyone please confirm my understanding of the three "migration tools" described above? Do each of them have a different "focus area" as described above, or is there an overlap between any of the three tools. Any information that someone can provide in undrstanding the differences and overlaps betwen the "RAD migration", "Java EE Migration", and "WebSphere Application Migration" would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Migration Tools Confusion


    As you can see "Migration" is a highly overloaded term and can mean many things to many people. You have the correct analysis. Different aspects of the overall Migration tasks are done by different tools.

    The first two are very specific to RAD and address different aspects. As you've noted the first is to assist with moving between RAD product levels while the second addresses part of the overall task of upgrading applications between JEE specification levels. You are correct in that no source code scanning is done for either of those two options.

    You are also correct that the WebSphere Application Migration Tool addresses scenarios of moving between different WebSphere Application Server versions (e.g. v6.0 to v7.0). This does support source code scanning and has rules to check for differences in Java Runtime, JEE behavior and WebSphere Application Server specific interfaces between these versions.

    Hope that helps