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‏2010-11-25T14:57:22Z |
We have a build a 2 node cluster setup succesfully ( HACMP 5.3 ), while testing we faced this wierd thing.

Resource group was online in node1, we restarted node1
we did not find the service moving to node2, when the node1 becomes online resource group is not available in both the nodes. however ./clRGinfo shows that RG is online in node1.

only when we started the cluster services online, we see that RG is available back again. any idea why it happened so ?
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    Re: HACMP issue

    I don't believe you've shared enough technical information about your configuration and behavior to actually get a good feel for what the problem may be.

    For example, "restarting" node 1 doesn't really tell us anything.
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    Re: HACMP issue

    1. If you use "#shutdown" to restart server, HACMP will bring RG to offline.
    2. HACMP will not automatic start when server start. And RG need HACMP to bring it online. If you want RG automatic online with server start, you need choice "BOTH" not "NOW" in "#smitty clstart".