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Pinned topic DB2 Enterprise stage "Prepare failed" on DB2 warning causes fatal job error

‏2010-11-24T04:10:55Z |
When using the DB2 enterprise stage under DS 8.0.1 FP 1, DB2 sqlcode 437 Warning causes the DataStage "prepare" to fail, leading to no rows or metadata returned and eventually the job fatals. The SQL embedded in the DB2 enterprise stage runs fine outside of DataStage (e.g. in DB2 Command Editor), returning the warning and the result set rows successfully. Can DataStage be configured to complete the "prepare" successfully when DB2 returns a warning? We have tried setting environment variable APT_DB2_IGNORE_DBWARNINGS=1 without overcoming the problem. This particular DB2 warning is environmental (memory availability)and intermittent. Changing the SQL is not an option (it runs fine!). Any ideas????