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Pinned topic PC COBOL Compiler Compatiable with the Mainframe

‏2010-11-23T17:18:16Z |
Does a COBOL compiler exist that runs in Windows which can generated object code compatible with mainframe operating systems?
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  • wmklein
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    Re: PC COBOL Compiler Compatiable with the Mainframe

    Can you clarify your question?

    Are you looking for a compiler that actually produces mainframe object code on Windows - so that you can "just" upload the output of the compile to the mainframe? If that is your question, I don't think such compilers exist today. (There were attempts at this many years ago, but I don't think any are current - certainly nothing from IBM).

    If you are asking if there are compilers that run under Windows and that produce "compatible - or better yet identical) results on Windows so that you can then upload the SOURCE and compile on the mainframe and get the same results, then yes. There are other vendors who claim to provide such, but IBM currently provides two solutions:

    1) THe RDz package which includes "IBM COBOL for Windows" compiler as a component - and which provides a numbe of tools for cross-platform development and for remote development (interface on Windows and actual tools running on the mainframe)

    2) "IBM COBOL for Windows" - this is a relatively recent "unpackaged" product. It doesn't provide many of the tools (such as the extensive interactive debugger) that RDz includes, but does provide a compiler that will work with "mainframe"source code and produce compatible results on Windows.
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    Re: PC COBOL Compiler Compatiable with the Mainframe

    I am a Systems Analyst and I worked on a project for the State of Ohio and we used Micro-Focus with Telon to develop the code on the PC and then port the code up to the Mainframe. During the conversion, we went from ASCII to EBCDIC and then was able to run the code on the Mainframe. This was for the Child Support Enforcement System and this does work, since we did it several years ago.
    Hope this helps.
  • elbana
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    Re: PC COBOL Compiler Compatiable with the Mainframe

    i need Pc cobol Compiler