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Pinned topic Linux Shutdown error on i6

‏2010-11-19T20:05:13Z |
I have 3 guest Linux partitions on my i6. 2 of them are RHEL6 and 1 is RHEL4. Whenever I attemp to power them down using either the HMC or vary them off on the i5, the power down hangs and I'm forced to power them off hard. The src code is d200a200.

Any ideas fixes?....


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    Re: Linux Shutdown error on i6

    This is what I would expect to see if you choose the "Delayed" shutdown option from the HMC. In order to be able to shutdown a Linux LPAR from the HMC, first ensure you have installed the Power Serviceability tools from this website:

    Then, when initiating a shutdown from the HMC, you should be able to select "Operating System Immediate". This will initiate a clean shutdown of the Linux LPAR.