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Pinned topic Suggest me in choosing Tivoli fastback or TSM

‏2010-11-19T09:48:24Z |

We have IBM Tivoli storage manager in our organization.

Now we are looking for Tivoli fastback.. But We have few doubts in our mind...

1. Will TSM and Tivoli fastback works same?
2. Is it suggested to have TSM and Fastback with bare machine recovery in our office
3. How was the performance of fastback & baremachine recovery.

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    Re: Suggest me in choosing Tivoli fastback or TSM


    1. TSM is a general purpose backup and restore solution, that protects all OS versions, and works mostly in file level technology. Destination can be disk or Tape. TSM FastBack on the other hand works in Block level incremental forever technology for windows and Linux only, and the data destination can be only disk based storage.

    2. TSM FastBack supports Bare machine recovery for Windows and Linux. TSM also has support for BMR procedures.

    3. Bare machine recovery process with Fast Back will work according to the characteristics of the underlined storage, with adequate repository storage, restoring to a single internal SATA drive it is common to see performance around 25-50 MByte/Sec.