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Pinned topic hacmp and LHEA ports?

‏2010-11-18T21:02:15Z |

I believe that latest version of LHEA ports, however my scenerio includes two P750 servers , each of which a mixture of clustered and non clustered Lpars.

Question is that when we use production subnet Ip addresses on LHEA ports presented to non-clustered Lpars ( let say 192.168.45.xx) and at the same time put base ip addresses on same LHEA ports presented to clusterted Lpars ( let say 10.1.100.xx and 10.1.101.xx ) with IPAT-aliasing configuration , will there be any issue?

I mean will IVE virtual switch would be able to handle such kind of situation where totally different subnet IP addresses will be carried out by same physical ports ( off course different logical LHEA ports for each lpars)?

Please advice so that i can feel relieve about this concern..

Thanks in advance!
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    Re: hacmp and LHEA ports?

    I'm not sure I'll tell you anything of real value, but let me at least reply a bit.

    Overall this is generically the same kind of question if you wanted to do the same thing w/o HACMP. I would say that I would not expect this to be unique/uncommon to do today. Overall I'm not LHEA savvy enough to tell if/what to look out for.