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‏2010-11-14T15:24:26Z |
I did a 15-minute presentation on OSGi and this tool, using the Counter Service Sample. See and this blog entry for details and references.

I think the Counter Service Sample does a great job of showing OSGi and blueprint, with blueprint.xml files, with a minimum of code and overhead. Thanks!

A longer example that really shows JPA capabilities is "Developing OSGi Enterprise Applications" from the OSGi Community Event 2010 Conference.

It's the last event at the bottom. The assets are:
o Lab Instructions (pdf)
o Lab Assets (zip)

I used the info in the Lab Instructions to work with the sample and run it in eclipse.

Thanks for a good tool and samples.

Ted Kirby
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    Re: Cool Samples!

    I'm glad the samples were useful - thanks for the feedback.