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‏2010-11-12T19:14:19Z |
I have been able to install CMIS. Can launch the starter page. http://localhost:9080/cm8cmis/index.jsp

Next step to find documents.

In my IBM CM .. I have item type called NARA1.

I am using the URL

It doesn't work.

In my IBM CM .. there are folders and NARA1 is top-level document that does not belong to any folders.

Interestingly .. RSS feed http://localhost:9080/cm8cmis/resources/icmnlsdb/Checkedout work's.
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    Re: A quick sample to test functionality

    To view an entry for a specific type, you must use the Type's ID, not the type's name. Some repository implementations might use name for the ID, but in this URL, it really is the ID. So you must discover the ID by other feeds and the links they provide to child feeds. So for ID, you are looking XML element in the type's entry named cmis:objectId.

    Try expanding the resources identified in the index.jsp page first. Using FireFox, you can CTRL+U and see the XML of the feeds to see the values. If playing around with manually entring URLs, try "TypeFlat" to see cmis:folder & cmis:document base types. Then you can try TypeFlat/cmis:document to see all document types that are children of base type cmis:document. There is a special ID for the 2 base types, which happens to be the name, cmis:folder and cmis:document. The rest are real IDs, like "-2_Abcv-1". You can discover them by viewing the XML of the entries.

    Remember, applications must not generate their own URLs, and must start from one of the predefined collections or templates (with spec-defined variables) that are returned by the service document linked off the index.jsp page. URLs are vendor-specific. In terms of templates, as long as you fill in the right variable defined in the service doc's template with the actual corresponding value, it should work.

    Also, you might be interested in "/ContentFlat" to start browsing from root. Use the LibraryCreate tool to mount existing folders on your system.