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‏2010-11-11T12:15:34Z |

I have configured custom file based registry in WAS 6.0. Created users.props and groups.props files in a folder under WAS_ROOT. Under Custom registry in WAS admin console, I have created Custom properties entry and set values as below. I've also enabled global security and have choosen custom regitry in Authetication. everything works fine. I am able to login with those password in Admin console.

But my passwords in users.props are in plain text, I would like to encode it using I read several forums and tried to encode it by placing the username and password in sas.client.props file and changed prompt to properties and used the below command to encode. sas.client.props -SAS (worked fine)

It encoded the password, I copied the password and placed it in users.props as shown below. After I put the encoded password. I am unable to login admin console using the password.. it works fine only with the plain test. What am I doing wrong?

wasadmin:{XOR}...:501:502:Admin Account

Is there a way to directly encode the password in user.props file like the usage of says.. users.props <properties_list>

What are the properties list I should give.. where can I find the properties list..

Please help me to fix the encoding issue. Any help to make the encoded password work is greatly appreciated.

configured Settings


the users.props file contains,
wasadmin:test123:501:502:Admin Account

the groups.props file contains,
was:502:wasadmin:Admin group
usergroup:504:testuser:users group