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Pinned topic Hidden Variables Exposed in Log when used in Adaptors

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The documentation states:

Assign Hidden: The system assigns the variable, but hides the value in the logs, showing it as "*****". Use this option when you are including a password or other sensitive information in a variable. Example: you need to include password information in an _MAP variable in order to map a drive. You want to hide the password from users who run the project.
The system normally changes the syntax of a variable in a command line to the appropriate form for your operating system (%VAR% for Windows®, $VAR for Linux® and UNIX® systems). It does not do this for a hidden variable. The variable is passed directly to the server and the operating system environment of the server interprets the variable.

This is NOT true if using a hidden variable in an Adaptor and sending it as a parameter in a run command tag. The preparsing message shows the hidden variable in plaintext.

This seems to be a HUGE security issue if using hidden variables is recommended for passwords or other sensitive information. Can this get fixed? Anyone have ways around this?

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    Re: Hidden Variables Exposed in Log when used in Adaptors

    This is still the behavior in the 7.1.2 release stream. This won't be addressed in the 7.1.x releases.

    As for a creative way around it, I'd suggest putting those types of variables in an environment group applied at the server level (which makes more sense for an _MAP var anyway). If you do that, you can put a different selector on your adaptor link step so that it doesn't expose those variables.
    The other way to mitigate exposure is to set a different access level for your adaptor link steps so that your average user cannot see the step log output for that step.