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‏2010-11-09T13:32:13Z |
I have an existing FSM client that I need to reinstall the client software on. I am getting the following error when running it:

Extracting shell...
"ERROR while extracting D:\PROGRA~1\FileNet\SysMon\cala\TMP\SHELL.W32-IX86.TAR"

I have tried reinstalling the calarex client software, but nothing seems to be helping. I

Any suggestions?

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    Re: FSM client install

    If I'm not mistaken, I believe you may have reported this issue before on a PMR a long time ago. Back then, it was due to several sh.exe processes that were still up.

    Make sure "FileNet CalaRex Client" service is running as local system, stop "FSM CALA Client" service, make sure none of the following cala processes are still running

    • cala_srv
    • logctlsrv
    • ascfileread
    • tecfmtfilt
    • v2fmtfilt
    • calamon
    • cepest
    • sh
    • gzip

    If necessary, kill the remaining cala processes, and then reinstall cala using the FSM client installer from the FSM webconsole (uncheck Reconfigure only).
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    Re: FSM client install

    Thanks James. Glad to know someone can remember things, because obviously I can't. Stopping the sh.exe in task manager did the trick. I guess I will need to make note of that somewhere.