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Pinned topic VIO client with powerpath - mksysb problem

‏2010-11-05T21:24:21Z |
I have VIO client with AIX 6.1 TL6 with EMC powerpath 5.3( SP1) giving the following error.
any idea how to fix this issue permenantly? pprrotdev fix is fixing the issue temporarly.

  1. mksysb -i /tmp

0301-168 bosboot: The current boot logical volume, /dev/hd5,
does not exist on /dev/hdisk1.
0512-008 mksysb: The mkszfile command failed. Backup canceled.

bosboot -ad /dev/ipldevice

0301-154 bosboot: missing proto file: /usr/lib/boot/network/chrp.hdiskpower.proto
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    Re: VIO client with powerpath - mksysb problem

    Please review APAR IZ85870
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    Re: VIO client with powerpath - mksysb problem


    I've had the "luck" to work on an issue concerning the way mksysb is performed on systems where the rootvg's are on EMC SAN.

    EMC is changing the ODM and this operation is not IBM's fault. So the
    pprootdev fix command is renaming the ODM hdisk# entries in order to
    make the mksysb process work.

    EMC documentation:
    Page 46-47

    "The pprootdev fix command, as described in "The pprootdev tool"
    on page 46, corrects the configuration to allow bosboot to work. Run
    pprootdev fix before undertaking ANY administrative task that runs
    bosboot. This corrects the configuration for bosboot but does not
    change the PowerPath boot switch. The next system boot still uses
    PowerPath. Run pprootdev fix only once after a system restarts that
    uses PowerPath. bosboot then functions correctly until the system
    restarts again."

    Here is a good official tech note from IBM:

    In TL04 the MKSZFILE script didn't contain the bosboot check:

    BOOT_BLKS=`LC_MESSAGES=C ${bosboot} -qv | ${tail} -1l | ${awk}
    '{print $2 * 2}'`
    if ; then
    cleanup $BOSBOOT_EC ""
    # Worst case scenario is a tape device

    It allowed to perform the mksysb operation without interruption (fixed in future releases).

    If you comment this section out than you can perform the mksysb without the need of running pprootdev fix.

    #BOOT_BLKS=`LC_MESSAGES=C ${bosboot} $B_OPTS | ${tail} -1l | ${awk}
    '{print $2 * 2}'`
    #if ; then
    # cleanup_m $BOSBOOT_EC ""