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Pinned topic OS Authentication using Jaas

‏2010-11-05T19:28:20Z |

I am trying to use Jaas for OS authetication on a windows system. Jdk I am using is sun.The login module (NTLoginModule) that sun provides doesn't actually authenticate user against OS but it just uses the credentials of the logged in user. So its not useful for authenticating user against OS. There are two options I have
  • Use Tagish libary which autheticate against OS but it has a limitation that it uses NTSystem.dll so involves JNI code and also need to worry of 32 and 64 OS
  • Use IBM JDK (I believe IBM JDK Jaas API has NTActiveLoginModule)which will do the authentication. But the problem is I need to change my JDK to use IBM. It might be a big change.

Is there any alternative ? Can I open IBM source for login module and so the same in my customized login module?

Thanks for the help.