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Pinned topic High CPU spikes during Fastback backups

‏2010-11-05T14:05:13Z |
I installed Try and Buy versions on two Windows Server 2008 VMWare VMs (one server and other client). Server running 32 bit Windows 2008 SP2 standard edition (not R2) and client running 64 bit Windows Server 2008 SP2 standard edition (not R2). Client is running no other applications (except for LanDesk antivirus)other than standard OS. CPU stays constant in lower single digits but during backup it goes up to 40-50 and at times at 100. I am watching the process and it is the Fastback client and LanDesk scanning process which take up majority of CPU. Anyone else encountering such significant CPU spikes on Fastback client during backups? Any recommendatins? Will going to improve performance? Please advise