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Pinned topic Business Glossary newbie questions about Excel

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A little background to the question:

We currently use Datastage for ETL of data into our data warehouse.

We are licensed for Metadata Workbench and thinking of using it to document the lineage from our source systems through Staging, EDW and onwards into Business Objects universes.

We are thinking of purchasing Business Glossary which we understand is integrated with Metadata Workbench, partly to provide a window into the above and partly to let us document all the other metadata in our organisation.

The questions

Can Business Glossary hold metadata relating to Excel spreadsheets (name, location, sheets, columns etc.)?

Can we define lineage between metadata in one spreadsheet and metadata in another?

Can this all be entered 'by hand' or even better by pointing the tool at the spreadsheets and having it extract the metadata?


Thanks very much for any assistance you can provide.


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    Re: Business Glossary newbie questions about Excel

    As you have pointed out, Metadata Workbench is used to describe and view Information Assets and the flow (Lineage) between.

    Busines Objects Reports and Universes may be imported via the Import Export Manager, as well as Database Assets.

    Additional Data Sources, such as Applications, or the representation of Data Flow may be further imported from the Workbench in the form of a Spreadsheet. One may define the Data Flow spreadsheet or create the mapping within the Workbench. Which ETL tool is currently being used that holds such data flow information.

    Buesinss Glossary allows one to define a set of Terms and their meaning. These Terms can include further information but more importantly can be assigned to the imported Technical Assets, extending the meaning of information to those Assets.

    Business Glossary and Metadata Workbench both reference the same Metadata Repository, hence one may view the Lineage and Technical Asset details in the Workbench, along with their Business Meaning.