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‏2010-11-04T08:48:29Z |
i'm using IBM iaccess under windows(i know that this forum is for linux users but i did not find a forum for windows :( and i think my problem is similar if i had also used linux).
I have removed all the Classpath and Path environment parameters.I have just kept JAVA_HOME so when i click system i navigator.It tell me that cwbgwmhr.dll is not available (sure because i removed all the environment parameters).How can i restore them or can any one told me what are those parameters because i do no longer have the cd of i access.
Thanks in advance
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    Re: Forget my Environment Parameters for IBM iaccess

    If you are running the IBM I OS R610 you could just use the repair feature that is the part of the MSI install code. Add/Remove Programs and run repair. Or if you have access to the IBM I OS. map a drive to the IFS and browse to \\IBMI\QIBM\Proddata\Access Copy the Windows Directory to the Desktop and browse the Install\Image directory and run the Setup.exe.