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Pinned topic shared disk went to read only mode in TSA using SAN

‏2010-11-01T09:56:03Z |
There are two processes running which is in shared disk, when one process fails The process switch to other node because it is all in same resource group. In the above case, The mount point resource which is created using AgFilesystem, will it forcefully unmount the running node and mount it on the other node. My shared disk is SAN. will it create any problem. two times my shared disk got corrupted( it went to read only mode on the other node)

I don't know the problem. how to solve the above problem?
please help me
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  • nukite8d
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    Re: shared disk went to read only mode in TSA using SAN

    what do you mean with your "switch to other node"?
    Are at both processes are running (A),
    or is one point only one running and on a fail it is started at the other node (B)?

    If (A), what is the meaning of switching?
    Anyway, can you mount the disk outside of Automation into write-mode on both systems?

    To implement a fail-over scenario (B) we use collocated, floating recources inside of a resource group.
    Isn't it like the samadapter-rg sample?

    Can you provide us with more information about this matter?
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    Re: shared disk went to read only mode in TSA using SAN


    I have some problem regarding the SAN shared disk using with TSA, I'm not sure where the procedure went wrong but disk get corrupted if install any thing into shared disk (i tried to create DB in the shared disk path with db2inst1). And if i try to mount manually i get below pasted error.

    root@tivnode1 ~# mount /sharedisk
    mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/vg1/lv0,
    missing codepage or other error
    In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try
    dmesg | tail or so

    Prior installation/ creation of database, i have tested the mount and umount by moving resource group in TSA, and it works fine..
    I also tested by creating txt file manually in the shared disk from node 1 and modified successfully from node2.
    Because of this i couldn't go head anymore.

    Is any aware of this problem, can plz help regarding. Thanks in advance.